Solidarity with the rail strikes

PCS Left Unity members from the DWP GEC were proud to show solidarity with RMT strikers in Leeds this morning.

RMT members are striking because the rail companies have frozen their pay and want to cut rail services, whilst at the same time cutting thousands of rail workers’ jobs.

Rail workers are taking strike action as a last resort to defend their jobs, pay and conditions and to protect the services they provide to the public. 

Whilst the rail companies are threatening all of this, they made a fortune during the COVID-19 pandemic. £300 million profit for companies who operate trains, £949 million profit for companies who own the trains and £235 million profit for companies who repair the tracks.

80% of profits go to foreign-owned companies. On average the rail companies are making £500 million profit per year.

We all need to support the RMT in their action as it affects all of us. There is huge public support for this action, as was evident in Leeds this morning. RMT General Secretary, Mick Lynch, has eloquently explained the issues and the background to the dispute and more and more people are understanding the need to fight back against this rotten government. 

Liz Truss was on the news today talking about the need to tighten up anti-trade union legislation still further and make it even harder for workers to withdraw their labour. It is clear that whoever wins the Tory leadership contest, they’re coming for us.

PCS members are urged to support the RMT action, and all workers in dispute, and do all we can to prepare for our own ballot in September as the cuts to our pay and conditions intensify. 

Together we are all stronger.