Fighting for Covid safety in the DWP

Since the arrival of the Omicron Covid variant we have experience the horrific deja vu of the DWP response to the crisis. At every turn in the last two years the department has been behind the curve, only responding to the danger after the event. We have been witnessing the same with Omicron. This is no surprise of course when their masters in Parliament treat the safety of the public with disdain.

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Solidarity with UCU strikes

PCS offer you solidarity and support for this important action.

We wholeheartedly back your action and your campaign. It is clear that UCU members rights to fair working terms and conditions are being treated with disdain – scapegoated in the rabid push for marketisation of education. Casual contracts, insecure work, have been used for too long in education and are not compatible with the security and dignity in work that is deserved. Pay cuts, pensions, inequality and increased work pressure – doesn’t create an arena where ideas can flourish.

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