PCS Joins Legal Challenge of Government Asylum Pushback Policy

We are proud to publish the following article by James Cox, President Home Office group (personal capacity) and Left Unity member.

The continued refugee crisis involving small boats crossing the channel has been ongoing for several years now but has recently received much more scrutiny. PCS members working in the Home Office have been at the front line of this. Members have been deeply affected by the amount and intensity of the work and traumatised by the things they have seen.

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Massive marches demand real action to stop climate change

Hundreds of thousands of people joined marches on November 6th called in response to the COP26 conference in Glasgow.


Reports include 100,000 in Glasgow, 20,000 in London and several thousand in all the major cities.


This is a massive step forward in the movement to force our government to take real action to halt climate change. Across the demonstrations there was a recognition that Boris Johnson’s government is more interested in Greenwashing the market and profits than they are in saving the planet.

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