Nominate Mark Serwotka

Nomination meetings are now under way for the election of General Secretary.elect serwotka image

Left Unity candidate Mark Serwotka has shown his leadership over the years fighting off government efforts to bankrupt us with the removal of check-off and achieved victories on pensions, redundancy rights and privatisation. He has worked tirelessly hard alongside previous President Janice Godrich and continues to do so with current President Fran Heathcote.  Along with the Democracy Alliance NEC his has changed the union into a fighting organisation respected throughout the entire trade union movement.

 If we want to continuing to be a fighting democratic based trade union it is crucial that Mark his re-elected and the first step in that his for comrades to ensure branches nominate him.

 We only have until 14 October when nominations close so please do all you can to assist.

 There are leaflets and materials to download below to help do this along with information of what is required during the actual election process.

leaflet 4 page

Branch Guide Final

GENERAL SECRETARY ELECTION 2019 1st reminder Leaflet

Nomination leaflet

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