PCS Left Unity wishes all of our members a fraternal, successful conference

PCS Left Unity wishes all of our members a fraternal, successful conference. I think we all recognise that it’s not quite like being in Brighton, and we cannot replicate the buzz and excitement of a physical conference, but what we can do is pull together to ensure the best, most successful conference possible, with as much participation amongst reps as possible.Whilst none of us chose the pandemic, what matters is what we have chosen to do about it, and PCS members have worked very hard on behalf of their members to keep them safe.
Let’s make the conference a successful one, and do all that we can to debate motions and agree policy to put PCS in the strongest position possible to deal with all of the attacks we face, and take our campaigns forward in the future, in the most joined up, coordinated way.In Solidarity 
The PCS Left Unity National Committee

Fighting for a 2021-22 pay rise at the IOPC

Most of us in the public sector haven’t had a real pay rise in the last decade. In our organisation, the Independent Office for Police Conduct pay has stagnated for years. Only a very few staff got a slightly better deal last year and we had to fight for that and the smaller raise the rest of us got. The vast majority of members desperately need a pay rise this year because rents and bills are soaring. At the start of the year they said pay needed to be our branch priority but some members are not confident about putting the argument forward in a time of austerity and pandemic. So the branch committee decided to hold a BIG PAY DEBATE. It was a great success.

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