Who are LU?

Left Unity is a socialist faction that operates within the Public & Commercial Services (PCS) union and is the biggest organised socialist faction in any TUC affiliate. Made up of different socialist groups and independents, we operate at every level of the union, from within branches and workplace committees to the Group & National Executive committees. Our aim: to build a fighting, democratic union and to drive forward a socialist agenda in the TUC.

As socialists, we stand for an independent and democratic union that puts up a determined fight for its members and a union that participates in the wider struggle for political and social change for working people. We are democratic and open organisation that embraces a wide range of socialist opinion in PCS and campaigns for a socialist society that provides for the needs of the many, not the greed of a few.

Left Unity is committed to:

  • Action on pay
  • Defending pensions
  • Protecting public services and jobs
  • Campaigning for a better work/life balance
  • Improved conditions of service
  • Equality at work
  • An independent PCS
  • A campaigning and democratic PCS