Our Record

To All PCS Representatives


Working with members and activists in the face of constant attacks from the government the Democracy Alliance led National Executive Committee (NEC) has built a union to be proud of. PCS has fought back against the cuts and privatisation programmes of various governments. Given the scale of the assault on the public sector and the failure of other union leaderships and the TUC to organise effective coordinated campaigns and action PCS has been a beacon of resistance proving time and again that campaigning works and action gets results. Please take a few minutes to read this leaflet which briefly sets out our record: support us again and enable us to build on the progress already made.

We hope you will support the Democracy Alliance and  also agree to recommend to members in your Branch or office to support us in this year’s election. To help we are enclosing a pack of election campaign material that you will find useful.


Left Unity and PCS Democrat members on the NEC have continued to work together with members and reps at all levels of PCS. A real improvement has taken place throughout the union.  Our emphasis has been to campaign on basic issues that matter to you. We have taken the lead in opposing the government cuts and privatisation programme and have set out the alternative to the Tories disastrous austerity policies: PCS’s influence and reputation has never been higher. The Democracy Alliance has demonstrated strong, experienced and determined leadership under President Janice Godrich and General Secretary Mark Serwotka. We have worked hard to defend your interests in the face of an unprecedented assault on terms and condition.

The government’s attempt to bankrupt and smash PCS through withdrawal of check-off has failed and the union finances are now steady and we are building a stronger union capable of meeting the challenges of an increasingly hostile environment. No other union in the UK or internationally has responded so effectively to the withdrawal of check-off by signing up so many of its members to direct debit in such numbers or in such a short period of time. Our campaign has been the envy of other trade unions and PCS will give full practical support, advice and solidarity to any union facing similar attacks if the anti-trade union legislation goes through Parliament as expected..

PCS rejects the pessimism and fatalism of many in the trade union movement who think the cuts and attacks we face are “inevitable” and “unavoidable”: It was pressure from PCS which delivered the million strong TUC demonstration in March 2011 and the union was the prime mover in building support for arguably the biggest strike in British history on November 30th the same year. But PCS played its most important role when it unequivocally rejected the “Heads of Agreement” that offered no concessions from Government plans for our pensions: paying more, getting less and working longer. We, unlike others in the trade union movement stood up against the bullying ultimatum from the government to give up that campaign and we will continue as well as leading from the front the current attack we face on our compensation scheme.

PCS has been the main mover in the Tax Justice Campaign, one of the most highest profile campaigns ever, promoted not only in this country, but also internationally.

We have also:-

  • Negotiated a major agreement on job protection that prevented thousands of compulsory redundancies.
  • Campaigned hard against attacks on pensions and conditions.
  • Stopped planned privatisations.
  • Protected thousands of Commercial Sector jobs from the impact of off-shoring.
  • Stopped removal of paid sick leave.
  • Won over £44 million compensation for members facing problems at work.
  • Fully supported departmental disputes that have consistently won concessions in the National Gallery, Ministry of Justice, DWP, HMRC and throughout the union.
  • Successfully launched a UK wide Credit Union.
  • Built unity with other unions, including a major cooperation agreement with UNITE, the UK’s biggest union.
  • Built a strong, democratic, campaigning and inclusive union.
  • Strengthened the PCS Parliamentary and Assembly Groups.
  • Established an effective Young Members Committee and Regional Groups. Worked with the National Black Members Forum to continue democratising these structures at national and regional level, thereby improving its work on equality and diversity.

The hard work doesn’t stop here

We believe that our record is a good one, but, there is much more to be done. With the coalition’s plans to once again attack the Civil Service Compensation Scheme and continue cutting pay and pensions, terms and conditions, including facility time and jobs in order to privatise our services, it has never been more vital to have a leadership capable of defending members’ interests and building alliances in the wider movement capable of defeating these attacks. It is essential that we continue to work with you to build on the progress already made. If re-elected our priorities will be:

  • Defend jobs, conditions and services, including Civil Service Compensation Scheme.
  • End the pay freeze. For fair pay and progression and equal pay.
  • Continue defending pensions.
  • Fair and adequate staffing and resources to deliver services.
  • Oppose privatisation and off-shoring.
  • Improve conditions for call and contact centre members.
  • Oppose the discredited Performance Management system.
  • Defend right to represent members.
  • Build recruitment and workplace strength. Oppose attacks on facilities. 
  • Challenge discrimination, lack of childcare facilities, unfair sickness rules.
  • For dignity and respect at work.  Equality for all.
  • Defend welfare state.  Continue campaign for our Alternative to austerity.



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