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This leaflet is produced by PCS Left Unity and the PCS Democrats. Working together as the Democracy Alliance. We have, for the past 17 years, built a campaigning, democratic union that has fought hard to defend member’s interests in the face of relentless attacks.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been the key issue of 2020 and has brought about challenges that have forced us to radically review, and change, everything we do. Members and their families have faced huge issues and our reps and activists have been fantastic. Situations like these require strong leadership and the Democracy Alliance-led NEC has provided that leadership.

We are asking you to continue to support the Democracy Alliance National Executive Committee (NEC) slate for 2021 by nominating our candidates at your Branch Annual General Meeting.

The Democracy Alliance NEC : –

Protected your health and safety, whether in the workplace or at home. Fighting off reckless plans to get more people back into offices before it was safe to do so.

Built and developed a national campaign around the issues that matter. For Fair Pay, in defence of our pensions and to fight off detrimental changes to the CSCS. Using groundbreaking technology, we have been able to use the Pay petition to build support and engage with members, successfully exceeding the required 100,000 signatures and generating a debate in parliament which was significant in bringing MPs together to call out the government on pay.

Worked with groups to recruit many thousands of new members this year. Developing induction and recruitment strategies during the pandemic to ensure that PCS is as strong as it can be and reaching out to members, and potential members, who need our support.

Our members have played a key role in keeping the country safe, processing millions of Universal Credit claims, administering the furlough and job retention schemes, kept the courts open and much more. Ensuring the public has access to vital services throughout the pandemic.

We are committed to working for political change based on a socialist alternative to austerity and will continue to work with other unions, campaign groups and politicians who support our Alternative and step up the fight to build widest anti-austerity alliance in the trade union movement and wider society.

Members need a serious union for serious times.

Only the Democracy Alliance is standing candidates that reflect the full diversity of our membership. Only the Democracy Alliance can provide the leadership necessary to tackle the serious issues we face.

Our opponents in this election provide no real alternatives, just a load of empty slogans.

Whilst we work with groups and branches, ensuring that the resources of PCS are directed to members that need them and building confidence amongst members for the challenges ahead, they just snipe from the sidelines.

They should stop their attacks against a leadership widely regarded as one of the most effective campaigning leaderships in the trade union movement, and work with us to defeat the real enemy – the Tory government. Unity is strength.


Our priorities continue to be to build maximum unity in action within PCS to defend jobs, conditions and services; continue to demand coordinated action across the public sector and build on the lessons learnt to defeat the pay freeze. Support campaigning at group level; promote equality, oppose discrimination; defend our outsourced workers; defend union democracy and improve services to branches and reps to build union strength in our workplaces.

We urge every Branch to nominate the Democracy Alliance candidates.

If you want a strong, effective, fighting union, you need your branch to nominate these candidates. For more information – and

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