Tracey Hylton


I am seeking re-election to the NEC after 2 years of the honour of serving in the NEC.

I am a Socialist and a member of Left Unity – 55, Black, a woman, partially deaf – in both ears, been a single parent, part-time worker, and carer .

We each have our own unique intersectionality and don’t fit under one umbrella – this can change as we age, become parents/ carers, or affected by illness, etc. This also underpins the importance of unions being there for members, as circumstances can change all the time, as I see every day in my case work as a workplace rep, successfully getting wins for members, and resolving issues including reasonable adjustments. .

  • 30 +years involvement in anti-racism and equalities, in voluntary organisations, civil service and union including working with Asylum Seeker/Migrants/Refugees, Black & Equality organisations. Vice-Chair of PCS National Black Members Committee, involved in various PCS Equality groups.
  • Worked across Civil Service –  Child Benefit, CSA, Child Maintenance, DWP and now HMRC.
  • Community and Trade Union Activist – regularly support comrades across Trade Union Movements in disputes, and done street stalls to join a union as part of a Trade Union Solidarity Network
  • Been a speaker at various events over the year including – RMT, Liverpool Dockers, Peoples Assembly, Enough is Enough, Anti-Racism, Climate Emergency and more & spoke on the TUC Anti Racism Taskforce at this years TUC.

The Cost of Living Crisis has escalated, as we now see massive energy price rises, whilst many have had Millions written off re incorrect pandemic support payments, and energy providers compensated for bills over the cap.

This year we have seen historic ballot results ,breaking the Trade Union Threshold and targeted action across groups, with more groups re-balloting to join. Many of us were out in Solidarity with NEU and others on 01/02/2023 and are co-ordinating to continue to do so going forward.

12+ years Civil Servants pay has been frozen. During the pandemic Civil Servant’s status as essential workers was clear, ensuring vital services, support and payments to businesses, self-employed, low paid, vulnerable people, job seekers and the disabled were delivered. As well as maintaining collection of payments to the Treasury that finance these crucial services.

Our members need a decent pay rise, everyday living costs are going up, and we know directly from members that they are struggling, and even had to use food banks when they work for the government of the 6th richest country in the world – some will get an automatic uplift in April to match the new National living Wage.  It should not be this way. The PCS Tax Justice Campaign shows the money the treasury loses due to tax avoidance, whilst vital services are cut, pay is frozen and small businesses pay in comparison to income significantly more. I will continue to support this campaign Just Transition & Equalities.,. 

Please vote for me and my comrades in the Democratic Aliance.