Fran Heathcote

For PCS President

I am standing for reelection as PCS president based on my record of hard work, commitment and leadership.

The last 12 months have been dominated by the effects of COVID-19. PCS members and their families, whether at work, at home or in their wider communities, have faced enormous difficulties. Our reps and activists at every level have pulled out all the stops. 

I have been proud to lead PCS through all of this. We have all worked tirelessly together to keep members safe, having to move quickly to develop our digital technology, reaching out to support our members and building and strengthening our organising capacity in the process. With the prospect of a pay freeze, continued attacks on our pensions and government plans to revisit the CSCS, PCS needs strong leadership in our defence of members. Members need a leader that unites people and works in cooperation with the National Executive Committee (NEC) and General Secretary, Mark Serwotka, not one that spends their time writing articles attacking them, I provide that leadership.

These are tough times, we cannot afford to waste time on vanity projects, the government is intent on a return to Austerity, our efforts must be focused on tackling that and defending members.

The world of work is changing for our members, whether in the workplace, at home or adopting a ‘blended approach’, and we must ensure that we look critically within PCS at what works, and what needs to change in the period ahead. I have been a key part in discussions with reps in every group, region, nation and equality forum about what sort of union they want to see going forward and I pledge to continue that inclusive approach of engaging reps and members about everything we do. 

I have led negotiations on behalf of PCS, ensuring that our bargaining is backed up by strong campaigns and effective organising, particularly around the issue of health and safety. This is now paying dividends with increased membership across our union. 

Striving for Equality and Fairness are key planks of the agenda we are pursuing and I am committed to a programme of inclusion and increased participation, protecting democracy and ensuring that PCS remains a truly membership-led union that gets results, one we can all be proud of.

Please re-elect me and my fellow Democracy Alliance candidates and I give you my commitment that I will work tirelessly to engage with you and continue to build a progressive union that we can all be proud of. 

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