Block votes 2021

Conference-elected posts – Please nominate the following at your AGM

Editorial Board

Malcolm Clark, Rebecca Hunter, Kevin McCafferty

Appeals Committee

Emily Boucher, Malcolm Davey, Glen Hatwood, Rebecca Hunter, Christine Oliver 

National Standing Orders Committee

Keith Brockie, Sean Fegan, Pauline O’Brien

Member Trustee

Doreen Purvis 


Kate Douglas, Keith Brockie, Sarah Morton, Claire Keenan, Rebecca Hunter, Rosie Smith

Women’s TUC

Sharon King, Ruth Henderson, Emily Boucher

Scottish TUC

Steve West, Ruth Henderson, Rosie Smith, Malcolm Clark

Scottish Women’s TUC

Rosie Smith, Ruth Henderson

Wales TUC

Carol Revell 


We have the following vacancies: Ed Board – 2 vacancies, Appeals Committee – 4 vacancies, Wales TUC – 2 vacancies, Youth TUC – 2 vacancies, Scottish Youth TUC – 2 vacancies

Please feel free to nominate other Left Unity members for these vacancies and let us know so that we can publish a recommendation before these elections begin.