Kevin McHugh

For PCS Vice President

Kevin has been active for over 40 years in PCS and previous unions. Currently National Vice President and a member of the HMRC GEC. 

Kevin is a member of the Benton Park View branch one of the largest in PCS. 

A solid socialist and a regular conference speaker. 

Kevin was targeted a number of years ago along with others in HMRC when they removed his facility time. Kevin and the other comrades continued to do their union duties using annual leave and flexi.

Left Unity  are leading the campaign on pay and pensions and will provide the leadership and drive to fight the Govt.

Kevin has been part of that NEC, pushing to improve the lives and conditions of PCS members.

Our opponents just seem to want all members out taking action without strike pay. The targeted action is having an effect and causing problems.

I believe that this is a tactic that works.