Jackie Green

For Vice President

National Vice President, MoJ Group President, MoJ North and West Yorkshire Branch Chair

I’ve over 20 years of experience as a PCS Representative and key negotiator. I’m a Democrat and a member of the Democracy Alliance. I represent members at a personal level and in high level negotiations. I’m the current Vice President of the MOJ Group and a crown court clerk based in the North East.

I understand what is important to members because I engage at all levels regularly and communication is vital.

As chair of the Women’s committee and the Disability Committee I have been visible, approachable, and ensured those members have been able to engage throughout the year and have had a voice for all aspects of the work PCS undertake. I have provided support for individuals and for groups providing information for them to use. Where necessary I have used escalation routes.

Identifying concerns and trends with members, good clear communication is key. In speaking with members I have utilised a variety of methods and times. I spoke at Facebook live events, used Zoom Teams and the phone to reach a bigger audience well as writing responses to individual questions and where members have required face to face support where it has been safe to do so I have undertaken this.

How we work has changed for everyone and as we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic it is with the full knowledge that how we work has altered. In engaging, supporting and campaigning I am mindful of this.

My priorities if elected are:

Pay and Pensions: to ensure all members receive a decent pay rise brought about by campaigning and negotiation led by the Democracy Alliance. Workers still need and deserve a pay rise and the Pandemic must not be used as a reason for more pay freezes and cuts. We have kept the country running I will continue campaigning for fair pay.

On Pensions my aim by campaigning is to ensure that the money we have, over many years paid into our pension fund, we see returned fully when we retire. This money is not an ‘award’ the employer gives to us at the end of service, it is our money, it belongs to us! I and the Democracy Alliance will Campaign to ensure we are not robbed.

Job security: Going forwardthere will be catastrophic job losses therefore safeguarding member’s jobs must be priority. We can work differently and be productive but changes in how we work must not be used as a ruse for promulgating privatisation, redundancies and offices closures. We deliver services we are not a business.

Equality: I will continue to challenge inequality and to use my influence to ensure fair treatment for all in status, rights and opportunity. Equality underpins everything impacting members. Only when there is no need of equality groups can we truly say we have achieved equality.

Campaign: We must continue increasing, organising and engaging our membership in order to achieve bigger influence in any campaigning arena and in this be guided by the views of members. Promoting the digital technology that has enabled us to be ahead throughout the pandemic and out of it we are able us to have greater contact in campaigns and information sharing is vital for us to continue to adapt and succeed

Climate Change: Continue to work with this group networking outside the work area to build strong links to achieve more green jobs. Build and promote links with Health and Safety as in linking the two this can affect changes initially in workplaces and working practices which benefit both.

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