Martin Cavanagh

For PCS Vice President

I am asking for your support for re-election as a Vice-President of PCS. I have been honoured to serve as the Deputy President of the union, having topped the Vice-President pole in 2019, and held a variety of union positions in the 30 years I have been an activist in PCS, and its predecessor union CPSA. I also currently serve as DWP Group President, NW Regional Chair and Branch Vice-Chair.

I believe the above shows I have the experience and commitment to play an important role in PCS as a senior lay officer, and have used my experience over the past two years in my role as Deputy President.

I believe it is important, with PCS being a lay led union, that elected representatives play a prominent role in delivering for our members. I have worked alongside your elected President, Fran Heathcote, and General Secretary, Mark Serwotka, to increase the lay representation attending bargaining meetings with the Cabinet Office and have been instrumental, with other elected NEC members, in ensuring the union’s equality agenda feeds directly in to our bargaining priorities.

As a socialist and member of Left Unity, I am standing on the Democracy Alliance slate, which is committed to building on the work we have been doing on members behalf. Our track record is one of supporting industrial action where there is a mood amongst members, campaigning on pay and pensions, and prioritising organising to build our membership levels to make us a strong and vibrant union that can win for members.

Our unions response to the Covid emergency is one we can be proud of, with the guidance and support we have given to groups, branches and members being critical, in our aim to get the majority of our members working from home and protecting those in the workplace.

The national leadership, led by members of the Democracy Alliance, has intervened in a number of groups to safeguard members being forced into the workplace, and have been instrumental alongside those group executives, in getting more members out of unsafe workplaces; being prepared to back calls for action under health and safety legislation when necessary to achieve that aim.

We have also led the campaign that has protected thousands of our members, who as outsourced workers faced attempts by a number of employers to reduce their sick pay when shielding or self-isolating.

Alongside our response to the pandemic we have escalated the national pay campaign, launching a government petition which reached 100,000 signatures forcing a parliamentary debate, and building awareness of our pay demands across the wider labour and trade movement.

If re-elected as your leadership Left Unity members, and comrades in the Democracy Alliance, will work to build co-ordination with other unions willing to fight on pay, while supporting members in legal challenges against attacks on pensions, and defending you against cuts to redundancy rights.

Your safety will continue to be our priority throughout the pandemic but we will also work with you to build campaigns that can win on pay and other key national demands.

Please support myself and other Democracy Alliance candidates for a strong and focussed union leadership, that will always put our members needs first, while defending the vital services you provide.

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