Suzanne Grice

For the DWP GEC

I am a passionate socialist, a member of the Labour party and have been a PCS member since 2002. I have held PCS positions locally and nationally for Preston Central branch, the North West Disabled members network  and also on the DWP Group Women’s advisory committee.  

As a disabled member I have had many challenges throughout my career and know that DWP doesn’t always consider changes to the Department and how they affect disabled members. I am keen to eradicate inequalities for all members, to tackle discrimination and ensure that we are all treated equally.

The last 12 months has been extremely difficult due to the global pandemic and I am proud of the work the current GEC and wider PCS has done for our members. Personally I have helped and supported many members throughout this difficult time. Their wellbeing and health and safety are my priority and I have helped many members secure home working, ensuring they have the right equipment for them to be able to work from home. Given the work I have done locally I feel I am able to contribute to the wider DWP group which is why I am standing for a position on the GEC. 

If elected to the GEC I want to help get our branches ready for the next pay campaign and will support branches to achieve this. I will also fight for better pay and terms and conditions for our members and equality for all.  

I have attended both ADC and GDC and have moved 2 motions for our branch and spoke in support of another one. I have chaired meetings for the Regional Disabled Members Network and got involved in rallies across the country protesting how this government is treating its workers and for better pay.

I believe in the principles of LU and if elected onto the GEC I will carry on with the same principles. I believe that a strong LU GEC can only benefit our members. 

Full Left Unity DWP nomination list

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