Moe Brasier

I am seeking election to the DWP GEC as a Left Unity member. I am a member of the Corporate Centre TUS, Chair of the DWP North West Regional Committee, Chair of the North West Disabled Members Network and Branch Secretary for DWP North Merseyside. The son of an Irish docker who had to go through the Thatcher years I had to become a union representative. I have been a rep for most of my working life, both in the public and private sector. I joined CSA as a call Handler before becoming a team leader. I now work as an Investigation Case Manager for the Independent Case Examiner’s office.

I believe members of all grades, from all parts of DWP, should have their say in how PCS is organised. Members must keep representatives informed of the issues they face, especially in trying times such as we have faced for the last year, and we continue to do so.

Demands on staff to attend workplaces and to open Jobcentre’s to the public show how the government was more concerned with presenting an image to the public than concerns for staff safety. It has been proved that remote working was possible, after years of telling disabled members that it wasn’t a reasonable adjustment. Years of austerity meant we were having to do more work with less staff and estate. We have now seen how austerity was an ideological measure which meant we were not ready to cope with the pandemic. As a result many of us have lost family, friends and colleagues. Once life starts to get back to normality we will face more attacks on our terms and conditions, and, no doubt, job cuts as the government seeks to claw back the money it paid out during the pandemic. Let’s face it, they won’t chase the tax evaders and overseas hedge funds. As a union we must be ready in every workplace, including when that workplace is also your home.

PCS must show effective leadership within DWP, that we are prepared to engage constructively with our members, and the employer, and that members are willing to build opposition when needed. The government has announced that there will be no pay rises for the next two years. That should be a kick in the teeth for Civil Servants who were deemed to be key workers. We need every member to get involved in union activities such as the upcoming Pay Campaign.

I, and the rest of the LU candidates, will continue to work with members to achieve the best possible outcomes on the issues that matter.

Support your Union, support the Left Unity candidates.

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