Matt Cunningham

For DWP Organiser

I was brought up in North Wales. Both my parents were trade union members and when I started working for the department back in 2007, one of the first things I did was join PCS. I became a rep in 2009 and joined left unity shortly afterwards.

Being a rep for eleven years has certainly come with challenges, but it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Whilst being a PCS rep I have helped members with individual issues, bargained with managers regarding more widespread issues, recruited new members to the union, spoken at conference and at branch annual general meetings and have been on numerous picket lines.

As the DWP group organiser, I am responsible for encouraging branches to do all they can to recruit new members to PCS. There are many reasons to join, and many success stories we can talk about. Sometimes it seems like we are under constant attack, be it through pay increases which do not keep up with the rate of inflation or attacks on our terms and conditions. However, if it weren’t for the continuous work of fellow Left Unity members bargaining on our behalf with the department and the cabinet office, things would be much worse. The fact that the department has bought additional kit for people to work from home, has backed down on plans to extend opening hours and has reduced the number of staff needed on sites to the bare minimum is proof of this.

I live in the village of Cefn Mawr in North Wales with my wife, Louise and our three cats, MacReady, Vigo and Ringo.

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