Matt Brown

I am standing for election to the GEC as I wish to contribute to the future of our group and union as a whole. I’m currently the Branch Organiser, Branch Equality Officer and Health and Safety Co-Chair for Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders branch.

Throughout 2020 and now in 2021 I have used these positions to do my utmost in representing our

member’s interests during a global pandemic which has further reinforced the view that our department and those who run it care more about box checking than the safety of our staff.

Having a background in Left and specifically Socialist /Green politics I’m already well acquainted with many issues our union has an interest in.

Through previous and current campaign work I have contacts within National, Regional and Local LGBT+ and Reproductive Rights organisations as well as links with Environmentalist and Anti-Fascist groups. I have helped build links to ensure our union supports these causes at every level possible.

I believe that standing firm against the resurgence of Far-Right movements and building a fair, just, equal and conscientious union, with representation from all groups to be a priority. From the newest Advocate to the most senior positions this is vital and will serve to inspire the confidence of our members that we understand the issues that matter to them and will give them the confidence and ability to stand up and demand an improvement to the conditions of their labour.

I feel that in DWP we’re some of the most over stretched, underpaid and under-appreciated workers in the entire civil service. The current chronic understaffing and underutilisation of staff within DWP is unsustainable, an increase in pay and fair spreading of the workload should be at the forefront of our campaigns striving for recognition of our achievements and suitable recompense for our efforts.

If elected I will work closely with General Secretary Mark Serwotka and President Fran Heathcote in support of the national campaign on Pay, Pensions and the CSCS, and to represent the best interests of members and PCS as a whole. In our current political climate, it is more important than ever that we stand against inequality and support our leadership for the strongest negotiating position we can attain in the face of adversity and continued cuts by the employer.

With Respect and Solidarity, thank you for your consideration.

Full Left Unity DWP nomination list

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