Kate Douglas

I have been a committed Socialist and Trade Unionist all my adult life. I joined PCS’s predecessor CPSA the day I started in the Civil Service and became a rep a couple of months later. I have held positions from office rep, Branch Secretary, Regional Secretary and for the last two years as a GEC member.

As a member of Left Unity I have been active in the fight for equality and justice both in the workplace and out. I am an active anti-racist and have helped organise protests whenever fascists come to my town.

I believe and campaign for a welfare system that improves the lives of the public we serve and for our members, many of whom, shockingly, have to claim the very benefits we deliver. I am against sanctions for unemployed workers- they drive people into further poverty and debt and the right to shelter, warmth and food should be a universal right. The rise of food banks is a terrible testament to the priorities of society. The Covid pandemic has really shown who are the most valuable in society and it’s not the bankers or hedge-fund managers but nurses, delivery drivers, teachers, posties and public sector workers. If re-elected I shall continue to fight for a pay rise that means all members, wherever they live, will have a decent standard of living without having to claim benefits or have a second job.

Like all reps, I have been fighting for members to be able to work from home wher they can and to be as safe a s possible if they have to be in the office. The Left Unity led GEC has led the campaign to keep members safe during the pandemic and have won many concessions from the DWP. We have fought for more IT equipment to be delivered to members as fast as possible, negotiatd a one hour a week flexi credit for those working in an office, special leave with pay for those unable to work either because they didn’t have the equipment and had to stay home or for caring missues. The GEC pushed for BAME risk assessments which the DWP has done so little to promote.

I’m seeking re-election to continue to fight for fairness, decent pay and pensions and a safe environment for our members and for a Welfare system that leaves nobody hungry, cold or in poverty.

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