James Meller

I’ve been a proud and committed Trade Unionist since joining the DWP nearly 30 years ago. I passionately believe in fairness, both in work and in society. This is why I became an active member of PCS and of Left Unity, who I have witnessed being the strongest grouping in the fight for justice, fairness and equal treatment, both in the work place and in society.

As part of Left Unity, I am proud of my record of fighting for members and the successes I have helped to achieve. In DWP I have been Operations TUS Secretary and have had to cover as Departmental TUS Secretary at various points during the pandemic and have witnessed that Left Unity have been the ones leading the campaign which has kept members safe during the coronavirus pandemic by demanding safer working in offices, more IT equipment delivered to members faster in order to work safely from home, preventing the employer from opening offices for longer and over more days at the height of the pandemic by holding a consultative ballot and working in branches on a daily basis to keep members safe.

At a regional and local level, I have also worked tirelessly to implement the gains made by the Left Unity led DWP Group and NEC during this campaign to keep members safe by ensuring all at risk members were able to go home, ensuring that the IT equipment has gone to priority group members most at risk, including those with BAME Risk Assessments and by arguing for IT equipment to be delivered to members left in the workplace as quickly as possible to enable as many members to not have to travel to their workplace as possible.

Reps and members from all groups across the union have worked together throughout the coronavirus crisis to deliver for members which is to everyone’s credit but it has been Left Unity that has set the agenda at discussions with management and who delivered the crucial consultative ballot which forced the employer to think again about extending opening hours in Job Centres and UC Service Centres in December, and who continue to demand action from the Government over pay.

In addition to this I have been part of a Lefty Unity Group that has ran a determined campaign for many years on pay, pensions, Civil Service Compensation scheme cuts and previously against the attempts to destroy union membership by the ending of the check-off for union subscriptions for members.

I’m seeking election to the DWP GEC to continue this fight for fairness for members and in society. I am determined to help PCS secure more for members on all of these major issues. I want better pay, decent pensions, no detrimental cuts to the Civil Service compensation scheme and to bring privatised Civil Service contracts back into the public sector, where they should be and perhaps most importantly at the moment to ensure that the safety of our members is the priority.

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