Davina Camadoo

I have been a PCS and LU member for some years and a H&S representative and local rep for more than 6 years. I am currently the Avon Branch Assistant Secretary and Assistant Organiser. I also sit on the Group Black Members Advisory Committee and Regional committees. 
I am seeking election to the GEC to take my local successes and achievements and bring them to a national level. To do that, I am looking to improve our membership by looking at opportunities to bring more people in and increase our local density,  and to continue to increase activity of our black members and activate young members. I keep members regularly informed of equality and key issues via email and I hope to develop that into more regular meetings if desired. I helped to set up the SW Black members Committee with my LU comrade and this is made up of PCS members cross government. I have to date supported and represented members in matters of bullying, harassment and discrimination and in obtaining reasonable adjustments. I liaise regularly with management to ensure that TU are informed and to fight for our members rights and consider Equality Impact Assessments as necessary.  
During the pandemic, I have actively been ensuring that our workplaces are H&S compliant and any issues with covid secureness are escalated immediately. I have helped members to work from home where the need is clear. I will continue to monitor and ensure for those members who do need to attend their office, that it is H&S compliant and members have the option and means to work from home if needed. Going forward it is clear that foremost, our members H&S remains paramount and that we continue to hear and act on  the concerns of our members and deliver the right outcomes. Remote working has presented many challenges and continues to whilst some members still await kit. We are aware that for some staff this is not an ideal situation due to caring responsibilities of young children or other vulnerable family members or other domestic reasons. The need to ensure that the correct risk assessments are being applied for the H&S and well-being of all our members and those that are required to do telephony from their homes and  have the correct robust support system in place will be one of my key drivers alongside our pay, pension and other campaigns. 
Underpinning all this, the LU leadership has been instrumental in ensuring that values, agreements, T&C’s are upheld and met. The pursuit of setting a fair and safe agenda has involved fighting against rogue practices, procedures and securing agreements to remove the ever evolving failures and injustices that exist. Left Unity have tirelessly campaigned on key issues and more recently owing to the pandemic, ensuring life safety of our members is not compromised unnecessarily. I am proud to be a Left Unity member and I am seeking election to the GEC to support and join the fight, and to set and deliver the agenda against social injustice and for better pay, pension, H&S and all those matters that affect many of us.

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