Colin Mack

I am standing for election to the DWP GEC for the first time. I have been a PCS member for 13 years. I am the organiser for Scotland, DWP Glasgow Branch and Assistant Secretary Working Age. I have been a representative for 12 years.

The attacks made by this government are only going to continue and we are going to need the strongest possible union for this. The Left Unity led GEC along with our local representatives have done great work defending us from attacks from a hostile right wing government who are rabidly anti trade union. The DWP office closure programme has shown how little the government thinks of staff and together we must do all we can to fight any further closures.

I have a track record of organising within my branch and Scotland and we need that going forward. We must work using our organising plans to make sure that the union is as strong as possible. Only with the strength of our members and with the backing of them can we make the government back down. It is important that we do everything to get a voice of PCS in every workplace, building on our advocates to spread the word and to make sure that we can hold management to account.

It is vital that we support our ongoing campaigns on the attacks that we have already faced. It is important that we make sure that we are strong and well organised in Health and Safety as well to make sure that staff are not being put at needless risk especially during the current Covid situation. We must fight to make sure that we are not put back into unsafe work places without the strength of the union we would not have been able to keep fighting on behalf of you the members.

I want to take the skills I have learned thorough my own hard work and apply them to the whole of the DWP and to show what we can achieve as a union when we stand and fight together. I ask you to support myself and my fellow Left Unity candidates.

I am a Socialist and a member of Left Unity.

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