Clare McInally

As a committed trade unionist, socialist and human rights activist for many years, I have been and continue to be involved in numerous trade union activities and campaigns, both within and out-with the workplace. At PCS National Conference in 2018, I moved an emergency motion on Period Dignity which was unanimously carried. This motion, submitted by DWP Glasgow Branch, very quickly gained momentum across PCS branches, regions, groups and nations. It has been the Left Unity led GEC that has ensured PCS has a strong and visible presence in the trade union wide Period Dignity Campaign. And while this last year has inevitably changed the dynamics of this specific campaign, we are closer than ever before to free period products being made available in our workplace toilets. A global pandemic doesn’t stop periods and it most certainly doesn’t stop poverty. If elected onto the GEC, I will ensure this campaign is visible and accessible and loud.

Since 2018, I have written many blogs and articles for PCS Activate and PCS Women, spoken at conferences (both within and out with PCS) and continued to volunteer with Women’s Aid and other organisations. In 2019, I attended the STUC women’s conference as a PCS delegate and moved our motion calling for a joint trade union approach around period dignity. The motion was carried. I was also an active campaigner for general secretary, Mark Serwotka’s re-election in 2019, and I chaired Mark when he spoke at meetings across Glasgow. I am also an active member of both the DWP Group Women’s and Equality Advisory Committees.

I have a particular interest in issues affecting our under-represented members who are working from home and how we keep our members engaged. I am seeking election onto the GEC so I can ensure our members know that a Left Unity led GEC supports everyone, from those experiencing domestic abuse to period poverty to neurodiversity to menopause to childcare issues. I want to ensure that all under-represented members have a voice and have faith that our GEC will do all it can to help, support and represent them. In these difficult times, following on from years of austerity, cuts, and an unforgiving pay freeze (which we will continue to fight), our members need PCS more than ever before. An LU led GEC will ensure we unite, fight, and carry members through the battles we have ahead of us.

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