Carrie-Anne Watkins

A branch organiser for Swansea and District branch. I have 19 years experience as a rep at local, district, regional and national level.

Whilst putting this to paper. It almost seems surreal as we are still in the grip of a global pandemic. I have not spoken to one friend or family member who has not been affected in the last year, directly or indirectly by Covid19.

However, now is the most pivotal time to ensure the union is further strengthened, continues to be democratic, evolves and adapts to the new way of working, yet keeps member’s it’s number one priority.

I am standing for the position of group executive committee member to have a role in ensuring member’s view’s are fully conveyed. To ensure union work is fed back and protect and fight on their behalf.

I have a successful record in negotiating, representing members and fighting for changes to  unjust policies and practices to get the best deal for members.

As a disabled, female union representative and a socialist, equality is extremely close to my heart. I have taken part in national discussions regarding a number of issues such as grading and staffing.

I am proud to be a member of Left Unity within the campaigning member-led DWP Group.

Does this mean I will only work with member’s of left unity? No. I have and will continue to work with anyone who puts members rights first. Member’s not representatives of political parties decide what happens on behalf of the union.

One example is during the pandemic, whilst it is important that everyone who can work from home, it is also the case that those who choose not to do so are supported.

There will be other challenges we will need to face in the future and I am able to pursue these matters on your behalf and to represent your views. 

Full Left Unity DWP nomination list

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