Bash Chilwan

For DWP Treasurer

The CV19 crisis has highlighted how fragile it is for those who are the most vulnerable in society, as socialists we know it’s never been fair, the gaps between the haves and have nots has sharply widened with over a decade of reckless Tory attacks, austerity was just another weapon to cut benefits privatise more and dismantle the welfare state we all rely on we know a fair compassionate left led alternative is possible.

I am proud to be in Left Unity under whose leadership the GEC has been relentless in fighting for more staffing, better terms and conditions as well as working with the national union on fair pay and protecting our pensions.

Our aim is simple and uncontroversial justice, fairness, respect and equal treatment in the workplace and in our communities – our members should not have to resort to 2nd jobs and food banks they deserve far better,  I have been proud to work alongside leading members in Left Unity at DWP Group and NEC comrades to pursue our shared aims.

We are fighting on multiple fronts including pay, pensions, Civil Service Compensation scheme cuts,   we oppose sanctions and work closely with like minded campaign groups, Left Unity has an enviable record on equality and is and is always at forefront in the fight against racism and rising Islamophobia.

Your left unity led GEC has led the campaign to keep members safe during this crisis, demanding safe working during CV19 we actively fight for more IT equipment delivered to members as soon as possible faster to work safely from home, it simply is not safe our members and their families need protection, the Left UNITY LED GEC pushed for BAME risk assessments it is shameful that the DWP has done so little to protect our BAME members who are proven to be at a heightened risk of contracting CV19.

Our consultative ballot in the safety dispute gained valuable concessions to keep members safe again it was the Left Unity leadership that set the agenda forcing a hostile employer to back track, our work continues to keep members safe.

I am seeking re-election to the DWP GEC as Group Treasurer a strong LEFT UNITY led GEC will continue to fight for fairness for members and the most vulnerable in society. PCS will continue to vigorously fight for more for better pay, decent pensions to prevent poverty when we retire, oppose cuts to the Civil Service compensation scheme and to bring privatised work back into the public sector, in the current CV19 crisis no other union is doing more to keep members safe. Support Left Unity together and united we are stronger and make a tangible difference

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