Workers Memorial Day – April 28th 2023 – a day for remembrance and action

Every year on Workers Memorial Day we remember workers who have been killed or injured at work with a key message…remember the dead and fight for the living.

Workers Memorial Day came about due to events throughout history, where employer and government failures led to the preventable deaths of workers and dates to commemorate trade unions winning legal battles to protect rights to safety at work.

The recent pandemic posed, and is still posing, a number of health and safety risks and highlighted to many who had previously seen health and safety as a nuisance, the importance of union safety reps and risk assessments. Today, more than ever, Health and Safety reps are working hard to keep our work places safe in an ever changing work environment.

Left Unity led our union through the most challenging period many of us have ever faced. Both at national and group level, it was Left Unity members negotiating policy and holding the employer to account, allowing reps on the ground to keep a members and their families as safe as possible.

Nothing has changed, as it is still Left Unity leading the current fight back to the latest risk to workers safety and wellbeing.

Traditionally on Workers Memorial Day, we organise health and safety activities across our workplaces. This year is slightly different. The threat posed to workers by the cost of living crisis and in work poverty to our physical and mental wellbeing cannot be overstated. So for this year the fight for the living means withdrawing your labour and participating in our latest strike action. This is one of the biggest fights we’ve had in a long time and it’s crucial that we are all involved.

Support the Strike action on the 28th April

Participate in the picket lines

Return your ballot paper

Observe the Workers’ Memorial Day one-minute silence at midday


Carol Revell DWP Group Safety Officer and Left Unity Member

Carol is standing for re-election to the DWP GEC as part of the Left Unity slate. To see the full Left Unity DWP GEC slate click here

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