Fantastic ballot result in HMRC

Members in HMRC group have voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action. With a turnout of just over 58% and over 80% voting to strike, this is a tremendous ballot result and sends a strong message to the Government that members are angry and that enough is enough.

All reps, members and activists should be proud of the effort that they have put into winning the ballot. It is clear that thousands are up for joining the budget day strike on 15th March as well as future action.

Membership in the group has seen a significant increase during the ballot and even on the afternoon of the result being announced we have seen a flurry of new joiners wanting to get stuck in.

None of this would have been possible without the clear strategy to win that has been set out and implemented by the current Left Unity led GEC.

While our opponents have engaged in naysaying and miserablism from the sidelines, shouting that we will never get over the Tory anti-union ballot threshold and saying that members would leave the union in their hundreds if not thousands in protest at the strike levy, Left Unity members have held firm and got on with engaging thousands of our members and carrying out a strategy to win.

We as Left Unity members in HMRC stand on our long record of achieving the best we can for members, not just talking a good fight, but actually fighting.

We ask all members and branches in HMRC to now get behind the campaign but also to ensure we can continue to win for our members.

Please support Left Unity candidates in the upcoming Group elections and back a strategy that can win!!

Click on the image below to download the interactive flyer.