Fantastic show of strength – Thank you

Wednesday. What a day! What a fantastic show of strength we saw on 1st February as 100,000 PCS members took strike action against hundreds of thousands of workers from other unions.

We are in the strongest position we have been in for over a decade and the Government knows it, so let’s start with a massive Thank You.

Thanks to every member, rep and activist that made Wednesday the success it was. Picket lines were vibrant, rallies and demos were huge, the whole day had a buzz about it and the Left Unity led NEC will meet on Tuesday to take feedback and agree next steps.

The mood across the movement right now is palpable, and although we are painfully aware of the cost of living crisis, members understand the need now to stand up and fight back against a government intent on decimating public services.

A Strategy to Win

The strategy developed by the NEC, is a strategy to win. To maximise the amount of action taken throughout the life of the mandate, but to minimise the financial cost to our members.

The targeted action so far has been a huge success, receiving unprecedented media coverage, whilst also seeing a massive spike in new joiners. Our membership is now at the highest level since before check-off was ended in the biggest departments.

With the strongest mandate from members we’ve had in years, the all-member action taken this week was, by any measure, a massive success.

We have every confidence that the strategy is proving popular. More targeted action now endorsed by the NEC, the reballot of HMRC well-underway, with positive reports coming from the group, and the decision about the next all-member action due to be taken on Tuesday, we are in the strongest position that we have been in for years, to send a clear message to our employers, and the government, that enough is enough and that they now need to find the resources to meet our demands.

This strategy has been developed in careful consultation with reps and members, and following faithfully the policy overwhelmingly carried and agreed at ADC 2022.

Re-elect a Campaigning Leadership

To continue the success of this campaign, we need to reelect a campaigning, fighting leadership capable of leading and winning for members, PCS Left Unity stand under the banner of the Democracy Alliance – a democratically agreed, diverse group of candidates representing our whole union and working together for the benefit of PCS members.

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