PCS Strikers Join with Unions in Liverpool to say ‘Enough is Enough!’

On Saturday, as PCS members from Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) took their sixth day of strike action in the fight for better pay, Liverpool saw a mass demonstration by unions, and activists from across the region as thousands attended the Enough is Enough strike rally organised by the RMT.

As the organisers prepared the marchers to set off, our PCS members marched from the picket line to join them, arriving to cheers of support and shouts of solidarity as PCS banners and flags were held high.

The rally was organised by RMT Union as they move again into industrial action against the attacks on working conditions, the holding down of pay, and job insecurity, TSSA were also taking action the same day against low pay and working conditions.

The rally moved to St Georges Hall where speakers from unions and community groups called for unity and solidarity, as we build to move en masse to take our fight to the government and the bosses. The calls resonated with the crowd as they began the chant ‘enough is enough, enough is enough!’

PCS Deputy President Martin Cavanagh of PCS Left Unity made a rousing speech as he brought solidarity to the striking unions and all workers in struggle, highlighting that PCS members’ pay has fallen 20% behind inflation since 2010, creating a cost of living crisis. Martin also highlighted the pensions robbery, the risk of redundancies in Civil Service as Government come after our redundancy terms. As companies make record profits and huge dividends are paid out to shareholders the working class are expected to take hit after hit. Giving a shout out from the top of the FBU fire engine to our HGS strikers in the crowd, and a rallying cry ahead of our statutory ballot in September where our union will join others in the fight as we too say enough is enough, Martin told the crowd PCS will stand shoulder to shoulder with all workers as workers united will never be defeated.

Eddie Dempsey RMT Senior Assistant General Secretary began his contribution looking back to the unity of our class in the general strike of 1911, recognising that RMT was born from that struggle on the very cobbles at St Georges Hall where the crowd now stood – a telegram was sent telling transport workers to ‘strike now, loyalty to each will mean liberty for all’ and it is that unity that wins for workers. Moving to ask the crowd to think of people they know, family, people they love, struggling with low wages, rotten landlords, no social care, as how we act now will determine whether we live in dignity in old age, whether there will be jobs and houses, an education system and a health service, because all of those services are in the spotlight. We must turn the tide, fight to protect our NHS, to protect our services, to nationalise industry and utilities, as those services are safer in our hands than in the hands of profiteers.

Every speaker gave inspiration to the crowd, and everyone in attendance is clearly ready for the fight back. The message that ran through the day was that enough is enough, and we are ready to fight for what is rightfully ours. PCS Left Unity members are working to build within our membership to that end. We have our national ballot beginning 26th September and we must ensure we have spoken to every single member to ensure that they understand the importance of this ballot and that we have their ballot address.

We cannot lose this, anything other than a massive win will mean devastation for PCS members and their families, and a certain decline in the services we provide. So let’s win this PCS! In the words of Eddie Dempsey, we do what we do for our families and our loved ones, we must fight as if their lives depend on it – because they do!