Let’s make the TUC demo on June 18th massive

The cost of living crisis is crippling working class people.

Inflation has hit 7%, with estimates that it could hit double figures this year. Utility costs have gone through the roof, and are estimated to rise sharply again in October. Food bank usage spirals up.

Meanwhile Tory MPs talk about how we can live on 30p per day and should learn how to shop for value goods. It is insulting beyond belief.

The TUC has called a demonstration, ‘We demand better‘ on June 18th in response. We need to take it seriously. As we move towards a statutory pay and pensions ballot, and while the government are threatening to sack 1 in 5 civil servants, June 18th will be an important milestone for the trade union movement.

Every PCS branch needs to be organising to get a delegations on the demonstration. Workplace reps should be organising to bring the members along. Every city and town will have transport going to the demonstration and the PCS is committed to funding coaches. Every member who joins the demonstration will go home more confident and determined to fight.

Left Unity members, from the NEC through to reps in offices will be throwing ourselves into organising people to join the demonstration. We have five weeks to build the demonstration, let’s make sure we are proud of the PCS turnout.

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