Solidarity with Child Q

On Sunday I was invited as National Officer of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) to speak at a rally in support of Child Q at Hackney Town Hall. The rally organised by Jacqueline Courtenay, a local resident and it was the first time she had organised such an event.

Over thousand people stood and listened to speeches for over 2 hours. Quite rightly priority was given to women speakers and young speakers. I therefore was one of the final speakers. I was glad that I was able to offer solidarity and support to Child Q and her family from PCS as well as BARAC. It is obvious that the ordeal Child Q was subjected to by police officers would not have happened if she was white. I pledged that PCS and BARAC would offer support for as long as it takes for those responsible within the Met Police and the school concerned to be held accountable.

When traces of Cocaine were found late this year in a restricted area of Parliament accessible only by Parliamentarians, Accredited Journalists and Parliamentary Staff no one was strip searched. It is appalling that any public servant could think it appropriate to strip search a schoolgirl in search of Cannabis.

I am NEC Liaison Officer to the PCS Met Police Group and I did give them prior notice that I would be speaking at the Rally.

Hector Wesley