STUC Women’s conference report

On 25th and 26th October I attended the 94th STUC Women’s Conference as a delegate for PCS. Having attended the conference many times before, this was my first as an NEC delegate, and the first (and hopefully last) one held online.

We had a full complement of LU delegates for our union and each of us took part in the debates on covid, COP26, women’s rights, disabled women, pay and women’s safety.

For my part, I seconded a motion on sexual harassment in the workplace, recognising the technical guidance the EHRC brought in last year and how this will be used to produce a much needed statutory code of practice.

I also spoke in support of a motion on climate change and women, calling for a pro-public just transition that addresses issues of inequality.

Listening to the speakers throughout the conference, both on motions and the guest speakers, was truly inspirational, and I always leave this conference with a feeling of true sisterhood throughout our movement.

The conference passed motions that will prove to be vital for our women members, and as a newly-elected member of the STUC Women’s Committee for PCS I am looking forward to working with the committee to take these motions forward.

Liz McGachey