Huge congratulations to all of those elected to the PCS National Executive Committee

Thank you to everyone who voted and to branches who campaigned hard, in a uncertain year due to the pandemic, to elect a Democracy Alliance NEC. Our campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, contrasted with the negative campaigning of some of our opponents, and members have obviously responded well to that. Commiserations with John Jamieson, our only candidate to narrowly miss out.

As always, the turnout could be better, but that should not detract from the result, which has seen the Democracy Alliance achieve the biggest majority in many years. This allows us to focus on the big challenges ahead, without unnecessary distractions.

Now it is important that the incoming NEC work together to provide the strong, determined leadership our members need and deserve.    

With less than a week to go in the group elections, all Left Unity members now need to pull together to deliver a strong result in groups where there are contested elections, and elect a Left Unity leadership to win for members. 

Click here for NEC election results