In defence of peaceful protest

On Mother’s day, following shortly after International Women’s Day, PCS sends solidarity to women and girls all across the world. 

We send condolences to the friends and family of Sarah Everard at this time of their loss, and solidarity to all women who have been affected by the events of this weekend. 

Yesterday in London, women gathered peacefully to remember a woman whose life was taken, this should have been treated with respect and dignity. Rather than working with the organisers of the protest to ensure a peaceful vigil, the police adopted a heavy handed approach that has caused dismay and anger. 

PCS will continue to fight for a world where women are free from harassment on the streets, at home or in the workplace. PCS will also continue to fight for the terms and conditions of women workers, who make up the majority of the public sector, which is under unremitting attack on pay, conditions, cuts and privatisation.  

We must now join together in defence of the democratic right to peaceful protest. In Solidarity.

Fran Heathcote, PCS President

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