Steve Swainston

I’ve been a committed Trade Unionist for 17 years and that’s been driven by my passionate belief in fairness in work and in society. This has led me to be an active member of PCS and of Left Unity, both strong and determined advocates for justice, fairness and equal treatment in the work place and in society. That is why I am standing for election to the NEC for the first time as part of the Democracy Alliance.

As part of the ongoing battle to achieve this I have been proud to work alongside leading members in Left Unity at DWP Group and the Democracy Alliance at National level to pursue our shared aims. I have been part of a determined campaign fought on numerous fronts; on pay, pensions, Civil Service Compensation scheme cuts, against the ending of the check-off for union subscriptions for members; and against the imposition of charging for access to the child maintenance scheme, against sanctions in Universal credit, and for the re-writing of the welfare system to improve the lives and prospects of the public we deliver our vital services to.

I am proud of my record of standing up for members and the successes I have helped to achieve. In DWP I have been part the leadership whose campaign has helped keep members safe during the coronavirus pandemic, demanding safer working in offices, more IT equipment delivered to members faster in order to work safely from home, preventing the employer from opening offices for longer and over more days at the height of the pandemic through the consultative ballot, and working in branches on a daily basis to keep members safe.

Reps and members from across the union, regardless of political alignment, have worked together throughout the coronavirus crisis and delivered for members which is to everyone’s credit. It has been the Democracy Alliance leadership at national level however who have set the agenda at discussions with management, and who continue to demand action from the Government over pay.

If elected I will be part of a team fighting to ensure that gratitude of Politicians and Ministers is no longer expressed in warm words and empty pockets, in claps and praise but not in the bank balance. We will continue to raise the profile of our members and what we have done to keep society together. Blunting the worst effects of the brutal Coronavirus by administering Universal Credit, the furlough and self-employed support schemes to keep families from sinking into destitution. We along with other in the Public Sector have been the lifeline for so many. It is high time that the Government recognised that with decent pay.

I’m seeking election to the NEC for the first time to continue to fight for fairness for members and in society. I am determined to help PCS secure more for members; better pay, decent pensions, to oppose cuts to the Civil Service compensation scheme and to bring privatised Civil Service contracts back into the public sector where they belong.

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