Mohammed Shafiq


Honoured to ask our fellow members to re-elect me for the National Executive Committee in the 2023 elections this year. With the largest mandate for strike action in decades and a strategy that has been well supported by our members. None of this would have been possible without the Democratic Alliance’s leadership and now more than ever we need to stay the course and have our victory.

As an NEC members I have spent the last twelve months visiting offices around the country, representing members in racial discrimination cases, and advocating for our members. My track record both locally and nationally making myself available to our members is the most humbling part of being a trade union representative.

I have been proud to represent our Union in media interviews, spoke at various meetings with other Unions telling them about our campaign and have been a speaker and delegate to the Stand up to Racism Conference. As a member of the International Committee, I am proud our Union has reaffirmed its long held policy for Palestine and the ongoing Israeli occupation. We have shown solidarity to the /Ukrainian trade unions as they continue to face their own occupation and military action.

I said this last year before the elections the most satisfying thing to do as a trade union representative is supporting our members and I just want to repeat it again this year! We have worryingly seen an increase in racial discrimination cases and that is why the work we have done to lower the threshold for legal support is making a difference. This would not have been possible without Left Unity led NEC. My promise is to continue to stand up for our members and taken on racism and bigotry wherever we find it.

Leading our Union’s National Black Members Committee, we have organised important sessions during Black History Month and ensured that tackling under representation is a key component of our Union’s strategy and campaigns. I am proud that we have delivered a pan equality seminar in Birmingham that brought together our members from the various equality groups in Birmingham.

One of the most proudest moment these past twelve months has been our defence of refugees and leading the legal action against the Rwanda policy which we believe is discriminatory and an affront to human rights. I am proud of our Union and want to pay tribute to Mark Serwotka for this important leadership.

With office closures and reorganisation of government departments we will need to ensure than we organise in these new Departments. Across the movement we need our continued focus on organising and ensure it is embedded in our branches and groups. We need to build on the huge level of support following our industrial action and be proud that we have the right strategy to win.

So, I ask you to support ALL the candidates of the Democracy Alliance who I believe have the best interests of our members and are the best of our Union. Now more than ever we need to have a members led leadership and that is what you get with the Democratic Alliance. Thank you for your support and as ever if you need help or wish to have a chat drop me an email