Mohammed Shafiq

It is a unique honour to be standing for the National Executive Committee, through the record of winning for members it is important we maintain a strong and united leadership for our Union.

At a branch and group level, I am an office representative with a track record in leading our response to the ongoing pandemic and utilising the hard won rights by our Union to help members work from home safely and ensuring our workplaces are safe for our members and customers.

Ever since I joined the Civil Service in 2001, I have been inspired to be a voice for our members, taking on personal cases, saving member’s jobs and taking on the fight against workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment. For me this is the most important and satisfying job as a trade unionist and if elected I will continue to be rooted in communities and be a voice for our members.

Tacking under representation and equality has been the struggle of my life. I have been involved in our union’s national equality structures since 2003 as a member, vice chair and now chair of the PCS National black Members Committee, raising awareness of race equality amongst our union structures, supporting members of our union, and the wider black members communities.

Organising in branches and groups is something I have been championing; utilising personal cases to increase membership and encouraging non-members to join the Union. I have used my knowledge, experience and skills to educate and empower none-members, members and advocates to get involved in the Union, whether at local, group or national level.

The Democracy Alliance represents the best of our Union, is diverse and committed to fighting for our members, we understand that through unity and focus on the employer we can get wins for our members. That same leadership has defended our members and if elected I will be proud to continue this tradition.

It is a tremendous honour to stand in this election and I look forward to your support.

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