Claire Keenan


The government is waging war on workers. It’s legislating to remove our human right to strike and to demonstrate. It’s purposely keeping our pay low in order to enable the rich to become even richer. I work in HMRC and through my nearly 40 years working in HMRC, it’s very clear to me and my fellow workers how their tax laws enable this.

The government , our employer, is also forcing us to overpay on our pension contributions and pay for their age discrimination when they forced members into the new Alpha pension scheme. And just when job cuts are on the horizon, they’re planning on decimating our redundancy pay.

We’re living in a world where you can’t take action against injustice and where you’re not allowed to speak out, where you continue to wonder whether to eat or heat – all while society’s elite is taking our money to fund their millionaire lifestyles.


PCS members face only one choice; to stand up with all other public service workers and fight back.

Our fight back is going to need to be commanded by leaders who are strong, experienced, confident and fearless. Throughout the current national campaign, we’ve seen that socialist leadership from Left Unity.

I’ve been a branch activist in Inland Revenue/HMRC since 1986 as an office and branch secretary, branch president and organiser and personal case worker. For the past two years I’ve been a member of the R & C group executive committee and have acted as our group organiser for the past year. I’m a safety Rep and a personal caseworker.

I’m proud to be a member of Left Unity and to have been nominated to stand for the NEC in 2023, for the first time. I am a socialist, feminist, mother and carer and I hope I can bring my experience fearlessness and confidence to be part of a team that can lead the fight back