Tom Westgarth DWP


My name is Tom and I am a member of DWP Tyneside and Northumbria branch.

I have been a member of PCS since 2020 when I joined the civil service. 

In that time, I found myself wanting to get more and more involved with our fantastic union and got co-opted onto our BEC and became a Representative in my branch. This was also during the time that PCS was conducting the consultative ballot and I made it my priority to ensure that as many members in my site (Benton Park View) had been contacted to see if they had received the ballot and how they intended to vote.

For this work, I was recognised with the New Activist Award at National Conference. An honour that I still feel incredibly humbled by even today.

In recent months, between personal cases and my day-to-day job staffing the advance line. I, like the rest of my Left Unity friends and comrades, were putting every effort into ensuring that PCS was ballot ready. This included contacting branch members both inside and outside of office hours to ensure we had a correct address and job grade for them on PCS Digital. 

I also spent many mornings outside the gates if Benton Park View leafleting all members from DWP to HMRC. Dressed as a giant red post box! 

I also was able to get Labour MP Barry Gardiner to give a video message to all PCS members urging them to vote yes for strike action. 

I have been proud to carry the banner for PCS Northern Region at last year’s Durham Miners Gala and represent the union at this wonderful event!

If elected to the GEC, I will do everything within my power to support a Left Unity leadership as I know this is the only way I am able to guarantee we will keep PCS the fighting Union that you have come to know and rightfully expect from us.

Solidarity and thank you!