Steve West

for DWP Assistant Secretary

We are in unprecedented times, with the continuation of the Covid-19 crisis, in a system that puts profit before people’s health.
Left Unity has led the way in taking up the many issues that have arisen during the pandemic, achieving many significant concessions for DWP members, backed by the consultative ballot in which nearly 80% of members stated they would be in favour of industrial action within our safety dispute.
I am proud to be part of this leadership. We must do all we can to maximise the vote for Left Unity candidates in the upcoming elections, which are crucial for the future of our union.
I am a lifelong socialist and trade unionist. I joined the Socialist Workers Party 38 years ago, when I was 17. In 1984, I started work in Hackney Social Security Office and immediately joined CPSA (a predecessor union of PCS). The following year I became a local office rep and since then have held positions at various levels of CPSA, and then PCS. 
Over the years I have worked in Hackney, Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, Bristol and am now again based in Edinburgh. 
My jobs have been in Social Security offices, Jobcentres and what is now the Child Maintenance Group. I am currently based in Leith Jobcentre, Edinburgh.
Being active in the wider working class movement is extremely important to me, and PCS activists must play our part in this. I am currently Vice-Chair of Edinburgh TUC and have been convening meetings of Edinburgh Stand Up to Racism, building for an event in the city on 20th March, as part of a UN Anti-Racism day. 
My PCS roles at the moment include Branch Secretary of PCS DWP Edinburgh, Lothian & Borders Branch, and Group Executive Committee member.
I have been on the GEC for many years and have worked closely with the Group Officers, including the Assistant Secretaries to ensure that the interests of members have been represented in the meetings with the various parts of DWP. As such, I believe I am in a good position to take on a role as Assistant Secretary, for which I am standing this year as part of the Left Unity slate.

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