Steve Thorley

I have been a member of PCS and predecessor Union CPSA for almost 30 years and a rep for nearly as long, being elected as workplace Health & Safety rep two months after starting work as a Civil Servant.

As Group President and the senior lay representative in the Crown Prosecution Service Group, I have taken the lead in negotiations with management on key health, safety, operational and HR policy issues affecting our members over the last 15 years.

I have felt proud and privileged to serve on the NEC over the last 4 years and have worked in the Health and Safety and the Personnel Policy Committees in developing key Union policies on both of these important subjects, which directly affect our members at work.

I am also proud to be a member of Left Unity and part of the Democracy Alliance slate for the NEC. We have shown the necessary progressive and proactive leadership at a national level both in terms of organising and representations and negotiations with the Government and wider public and commercial sector.

I think the priorities for our Union this year is to continue to keep members as safe as possible at work from the continued threat of Covid-19 and fight for justice on fair pay, pensions and jobs.

Full Democracy Alliance nomination list

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