Steve Thorley

I have been a member of PCS and predecessor Union CPSA since 1992 when I joined the Civil Service. I stepped into a vacancy to become workplace Health and Safety rep soon after and then started dealing with personal cases as well as bargaining meetings with management.
I am currently the chair of the CPS East Midlands and Eastern Branch, have been elected President since we became a Group in 2006 and have been a Midlands regional committee member and regional vice chair. 
I have been fortunate and proud to serve on the NEC for the last 3 years, including working in the Health and Safety and Personnel Policy sub-committees. I am standing for re election as a proud member of Left Unity and on the Democracy Alliance slate. 
The challenges over the majority of 2020 and on into this year – presented by Covid-19 – have been unprecedented in the living memory of the members we represent, but the Democracy Alliance majority within the NEC, alongside hard working PCS staff have been equal to the task, providing strong, progressive leadership for our Union. We have worked hard to keep members safe by making robust representations to the Government and at a Departmental level, while at the same time providing advice, support and where necessary, leadership and organising to members, representatives and branches. 
I have been a Union activist for over 25 years and a member of the progressive Unity group. I am a socialist and have always applied basic socialist, equality principles to representing members individually and collectively at workplace, branch, Group and national level. 
If I am re-elected to your National Executive Committee, I will continue to work hard for our Union and the members we serve and lead; to protect and improve our terms and conditions. Our clear priorities this year are to keep our members as safe as possible from Covid19 and to recruit new members and activists to stabilise and to build the future of the Union I have always been proud to be in and serve.

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