Sean Dwyer R&C


I work in ISBC in Cardiff. I have been PCS member since joining HMRC in 2017, becoming a rep shortly after. I am a Socialist and a member of Left Unity. I believe trade union movement is the foremost vehicle through which working class people can transform their lives and society, it is in the spirit of wanting to play my part in the struggle to deliver positive change for our members that I ask for your support.

I am an active rep within the R&C Wales branch: as BTUS lead for ISBC C&P, a dedicated personal case rep and as well as supporting the branch organising team, particularly in recent months as we have balloted, then re-balloted, for strike action. If elected to the GEC, I will work tirelessly to deliver for our members, as I have throughout my years as a branch rep. Before joining HMRC I completed a MSc in Politics & Public Policy, I am a political obsessive. I feel I have a rare understanding of how government and Civil Service structures work both politically and organisationally that would be extremely valuable were I to be elected.

Every year under a Tory government is another year where our movement and our class face existential challenges and the coming year is no different. We in Revenue & Customs group are in the middle of a titanic struggle to protect the precarious living standards of our members. We are all too aware of the privations that have been inflicted on our members by the erosion of real-terms pay over the last decade. The already desperate situation has become more acute over the last twelve months as inflation has accelerated to levels not seen in forty years. We are now faced with the grotesque spectacle of civil servants having to choose between food or fuel, of going hungry so that their children don’t have to, all while working to administer a tax system that delivers hundreds of billions into the exchequer every year. 

No Socialist, no activist, no one with a conscience could choose to stand on the side-lines at a time like this. Please support me for the GEC so I can play my part in the fightback.