Sarah Morton DWP

For DWP Assistant Secretary

I am asking for your support in the upcoming PCS GEC elections for the position of Group Assistant Secretary.

I have been a PCS Representative for 9 years, I am DWP Liverpool Branch Secretary, NW Regional Committee Vice Chair, and current Group Assistant Secretary. I am an experienced Rep and Branch Officer, I have organised and led on campaigns on pay, office closures and workplace safety and I am currently leading on our branch campaign to stop the closure of Toxteth Jobcentre and the industrial action taking place in several of our sites as part of the national campaign

I work with activists from sister Unions on local anti-poverty campaigns and I work with a volunteer street team, supporting homeless and rough sleepers.

I am a Socialist and Left Unity member, fully committed LU policies. If elected again, I will continue to be a strong voice for our members on the GEC as we continue to defend jobs, services and conditions and fight for the pay rise we deserve.

The current cost of living crisis is having a devastating effect on members, many having to choose between food and fuel and using foodbanks to get by. The Union movement has mobilised in response to this, our recent ballot results show that PCS members are ready to fight for a fair wage and decent standard of living. I am proud to be part of the Left Unity led GEC that continues to prioritise important issues affecting our members and is leading the campaign to win for our members on pay, pensions and job security.

If elected as Group Assistant Secretary, my priorities will be:

  • To prioritise the National Campaign on Pay, Pensions, CSCS and job security.
  • To oppose office closures and work with our reps and members to fight against job losses and removal of the vital services we provide in working class communities.
  • Increased staffing across DWP, and FTA contracts to be made permanent.

To give us the strongest possible GEC, please vote for the Left Unity Candidates below to ensure that we continue to have a strong, organised Group leadership capable of fighting and winning!

President: Martin Cavanagh

Vice-Presidents: Grant, McDonough, Pope, Heathcote

Assistant Secretary: Braiser, Burke, Corcoran, McGachey, Morton, Shafiq, West

Organiser: Matt Cunningham

Treasurer: Bash Chilwan

Editor: James Meller

Boucher, Byers, Camadoo, Clarke,Douglas, Evans, Fowles, Getton, Kennedy, McCafferty, McFarlane, Miles, Mitchell, Perry, Pritchard, Revell, Westgarth