Sarah Morton DWP

For DWP Assistant Secretary

I have been a PCS Representative for 8 years, I am the Branch Secretary for DWP Liverpool Branch, a member of NW Regional Committee, and an Assistant Secretary on the GEC. I am an experienced personal case rep and Branch Officer, and at Branch level I have organised and led on campaigns on pay, office closures and more recently the jobcentre safety campaign. As a Group Assistant Secretary, I have worked to support the Group Health & Safety Officer to challenge any attempt by the employer to reduce hard won safety measures in our workplaces and protect our members’ right to a safe workplace. I also work with activists from sister Unions and grassroots organisations on a number of local and national campaigns fighting against Austerity, food and fuel poverty and homelessness.

I am a Socialist and Left Unity member and I am fully committed to Left Unity and their policies and principles. If elected as a Group Assistant Secretary again this year, I will continue to be a strong voice for our members on the GEC and in as we continue to defend their jobs and services, and fight for safe working conditions for our members.

The past two years have been dominated by the Covid pandemic, it has had a huge impact on our lives at home and in work. I am proud to be part of the Left Unity led GEC that has worked incredibly hard to prioritise members’ health and safety when working in offices and at home. The pandemic continues to affect all aspects of our lives and the cost of living crisis is set to escalate with the Government taking more money from those who can least afford it. Now, more than ever, our members need our support on a range of issues and I will continue to work alongside the officers and members of the GEC in fighting to ensure our members can continue to deliver the essential services they provide in a safe environment, and if elected, we will continue to robustly challenge any potential threats to members’ welfare, and terms and conditions.

If elected as Group Assistant Secretary, my priorities will be:

  • Fighting for our members health & safety, and welfare in their place of work
  • Fighting for remaining FTA contracts to be made permanent, ensuring all staff have the same terms and conditions.
  • Supporting the National Campaign on Pay and Pensions.
  • Fighting for a fair Social Security System and opposing the ramping up of sanctions.
  • Opposing outsourcing of work and fighting to bring outsourced work back in house.
  • Stopping any further office closures

I am asking for your vote in this election and, in order to give us the strongest possible GEC, please vote for ALL the Left Unity Candidates to ensure that we continue to have a strong, organised Group leadership capable of fighting and winning!