Sarah Ensor

As a member of the current NEC, I am proud to be part of our union’s Democracy Alliance leadership that rose to the challenges of the pandemic, is fighting to defend jobs, conditions and pay, and opposes racism and “pushbacks” against migrants.

We face a storm of inflation with price and energy rises, higher NI, attacks on our pensions and ramped up racism. The Bank of England admits ordinary people face the worst lowering of living standards in decades but wants us all to accept lower wages to pay for Covid – at the same time the rich are getting richer – BP made £9.5 billion profit in 2021. While working people are having to make the choice between heating and eating but we can organise and challenge the cost of living crisis. The Tory government is vicious but can be pushed back as shown by all the u-turns they were forced into over the last two years on school dinners, furlough and attacks on migrants.

Elected branch secretary at the Independent Office for Police Conduct just before the first lockdown in 2020, I led our branch to quickly move members meetings online, ensured members worked from home where possible, that office conditions were safe and staff with caring responsibilities got full pay for reduced hours. This activity re-energised our branch and our ongoing online meetings have hundreds of members regularly involved in discussions and activity with guest speakers from other unions, strikers, environmental campaigns and anti-racist initiatives.

I am Chair of Manchester and Salford Town Committee and work to get branches and activists together to share ideas, build activity and support each other.

We are still living with the pandemic but with campaigning trade unionism we can organise, maintain health and safety, build the union and challenge the cost of living crisis.

If elected I will campaign for,

  • COVID 19 Health & Safety protection.
  • Above inflation pay rises and return to national pay bargaining
  • Creating jobs and investing in public services
  • Defending the CSCS
  • Pension overpayment contributions refunded
  • Opposition to privatisation of jobs and services
  • Tax justice – for rich corporations and individuals to pay their share, ending tax avoidance and evasion
  • Uniting with other unions in action wherever possible
  • Protecting our commercial sector members’ jobs, terms and conditions
  • Equality, including transgender issues, in everything our union does

Democracy Alliance candidates have shown they will prioritise campaigning trade unionism and stand up to the Government’s attacks. I am a member of Left Unity and Socialist Workers Party. Please vote for me and the other Democracy Alliance candidates.

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