Sandra Quayle R&C


I have decided to stand for the GEC this year. Having previous served in numerous posts at Branch level and national committee it became apparent after stepping back a little I needed to take my passion forward. I am a strong believer in equality and fairness and have promoted this all my working life. It is sad to say that over the years our terms and conditions have been eroded or taken away in order to give us a pay rise. This trend continues. State pension in the UK is a disgrace and looking further and further away for many who will never see it. The cost of living rise is out of control and fuelled by extortionate fuel and energy costs while companies continue to make unprecedented profits. Colleagues continue to be on minimum wage, tax credits and having to use food  banks. This cannot be right. We are not been treated fairly and need to take a stand.

I am a Socialist and member of Left Unity but not affiliated to any political party. Equality and fairness is our business.
Please support me and my LU colleagues.