Sammie Mulcahy


My name is Sammie Mulcahy, I work in the Ty Taf hub and prior to that I was in Cardiff PIP and Swansea Pension Centre.

I’m appreciative to be standing alongside my left unity colleagues for a position on the GEC for the first time.

I’ve been a union representative for fifteen years and in that time, I’ve previously been branch chair and I am currently secretary for our new branch in Ty Taf.  Whilst holding these branch positions, I’m also proud to have represented many members through a variety of personal cases and this remains the most important part of my union role. I have fought tirelessly for members’ jobs and have had them reinstated within their roles by challenging DWP decision making through successful appeals. I have dealt effectively in cases of workplace bullying and I have worked effectively to have workplace practices improved for the benefits of members. Regionally whilst working on the DWP Wales committee I have raised issues from our members, including workplace safety, bullying and the application of hybrid working. I’m a good representative and having me speaking for you and representing your views nationally, is in your interests.

Over the last few months, we have delivered an enormous ‘yes’ vote in our ballot, allowing us, despite the severe anti trade union laws, to take action against this corrupt government.  This was a colossal task to take on, but essentially, allowed us to engage with more members, recruit more members and highlight the issues around our pay and pensions, which many new members were unaware of.  

Our union membership is at it’s highest now since 2014, which was evident on 1st February when we took the biggest action in a decade alongside other trade unions.  This has sent a strong message to the government, that we won’t continue to be gaslighted by them, we are stronger than them and we are more United than them.

A vote for me and other left unity comrades allows the union to continue our strategy to win against this government.

If elected, I would want to prioritise

– Our pay campaign.  We are in a huge cost of living crisis and are being offered a shameful 2% pay rise.  It’s time for the government to pay us what we’re worth.

– Our winning strategy of targeted action to fight for fair pay and pensions.

– Our membership, continuing to recruit new members to ensure our union remains at it’s strongest.

Please vote for Left Unity candidates;

President – Martin Cavanagh

Vice Presidents – Angela Grant, Fran Heathcote, Marie McDonough, Ian Pope

Assistant Secretaries – Moe Brasier, Dave Burke, Bridget Corcoran, Liz McGachey, Sarah Morton, Mohammed Shafiq, Steve West

Organiser – Matt Cunningham

Treasurer – Bash Chilwan

Editor – James Meller

GEC – Dave Boucher, Mark Byers, Davina Camadoo, Kate Douglas, Louise Evans, Philip Fowles, Levoy Getton, Lorna Kennedy, Colin Mack, Sammie Mulcahy, Jocelyn McFarlane, Kevin McCafferty, Lindsey Miles, Joe Perry, Jo Pritchard, Carol Revell and Tom Westgarth