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Under the excellent leadership of Group President, Martin Cavanagh, the current Left Unity led Group Executive Committee has shown repeatedly that they will not shy away from the legitimate demands of PCS members. Over the past year, whilst in the grip of the COVID19 pandemic, PCS has fought in many ways to ensure that members in our group are given the protections they need in their efforts to provide vital services to the neediest in our communities, including

* Protections for members with caring needs

* Special Leave with Pay for members who are unable to access childcare placements

* Added protections for our BAME members

* Annual Leave carry-over relaxations

* Flexi credits for staff attending the workplace

* Membership survey on impact of COVID19

* Defending the Employee Deal

* Demanding homeworking for all members who seek to access this facility

Whilst fighting all of the above, the Left Unity leadership in DWP have also successfully beenable to oppose compulsory redundancies, fight against privatisation and protect public services.

Given the continuing scale of the Tory cuts makes this a particularly important year for all PCS members.

Whilst ensuring that we protect the gains we have made around COVID19 as mentioned above, our priorities for the forthcoming year must include

* Fighting for a better pay deal, including those members who opted out of the Employee Deal and those senior grade members who were denied the opportunity to consider opting in.

* Supporting our members in transitional offices who face an unclear future overthreat of closure.

* Demanding fair, adequate staffing levels to deliver services, including Universal Credit Service Centres where the pressures on members is reaching critical levels.

* Promoting equality, opposing discrimination.

* Continuing to build a democratic, member-led union.

These are the commitments which will drive us forward and, whilst PCS is a union that seeks to negotiate outcomes, taking action will always remain in our armoury to achieve collective settlements that defend members’ interests.

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