Robert Eagleton

I am currently Vice-Chair of PCS’ Young Members’ Network

I am running for the National Executive Committee – as part of the Democracy Alliance – to transform our Union and deliver for members.


Civil servants face a pay freeze, unsafe workplaces, job insecurity, and detrimental changes to our pensions and redundancy rights. To overcome these challenges we need to build a strong and relevant union.

While I am proud that PCS is a bold, democratic, and fighting union, we need to evolve. The pandemic, and the re-election of a Conservative Government, has dramatically changed the context we operate in and we must change with it.

My Priorities

  • Ensuring PCS is capable of calling, and winning, a ballot for industrial action. The better organised we are, the more leverage we have in negotiations.
  • Rooting PCS’ demands in the experiences and concerns of our members.
  • Keeping membership fees to a minimum, reducing operating costs, and improving accessibility through retaining online meetings.
  • Modernising the website and improving communication with members.
  • Supporting the Strategic Review and any changes which empower members.

About me

I am a lifelong socialist who joined PCS because, collectively, we possess the strength and ingenuity to change the world of work for good. I entered the Civil Service in 2018 on a fixed-term contract within Defra before moving to the DWP in 2020.

I am currently the Vice-Chair of PCS’ Young Members’ Network and I previously served as Secretary of the Efra London and South East Branch. During my time as an activist I have:

  • Played a key role in helping PCS secure over 100,000 signatures on the pay petition.
  • Attacked the most recent pay freeze in a BBC interview on the Spending Review.
  • Proactively supported PCS’ 2019 General Election strategy.
  • Utilised the ‘Branch App’ to boost my Branch’s turnout in the 2019 pay ballot.
  • Recruited members, won personal cases, and provided practical support to industrial disputes.

If elected to the NEC, I will build a Union which retains existing members and appeals to non-members.

Please support me and the Democracy Alliance.

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