Phillip Fowles DWP


I have been a member of PCS for 16 years and a union Rep for over 11 years. In that time I have worked for NICO, Social Fund, JSA, ESA, IS, PIP and Debt, where I now work.

My grandfather worked on the Tyne in Shipbuilding, and my Father and uncle worked down the mines at South Shields, so I come from a background of Socialism and Trade Unionism. Equality and the fight for it is something I grew up with, and as I found employment was something I strived for everyday.

I initially work for DWP & HMRC in the early 2000’s returning to the Civil service in 2009 with DWP and immediately re joining PCS. Within a few months I found myself disagreeing with how certain managers spoke to my fellow union members and how they behaved towards my work colleagues, so I began to challenge their behaviours in meetings. This brought me to the attention of my Branch, who invited me to join them as a Personal Case Rep at first. To me it was a real opportunity to speak up on issues that mattered, not only to me, but to colleagues who found themselves being treated unfairly and didn’t have the inclination to speak out. 

I quickly went through the Reps training and Health and Safety training and got ‘on the job’ experience with a wide variety of cases from  Attendance Management to dealing with ACAS and preparing staff to go to ET. As my experience has developed,  I have taken on various roles with the BEC and I am currently vice Chair as well as joint chair of the site’s Health and Safety committee. Recently I have taken up positions on the GEAC and the WAD Advisory Committee also which has allowed me to see the challenges our members face Nationally and how my colleagues meet those challenges daily.

Five years ago I joined Left Unity and I’m proud to be part of and work with, the fantastic PCS Reps I’ve met, fighting for the rights of our members and being part of the best Union in the UK.

If I am elected I will work with other successful candidates holding management to account and fight for our members rights with equality for all.

I fully support the national campaign for fair pay and stood proudly on the picket line on the 1st February with my PCS colleagues from my Branch.  

I promise to work alongside all reps in branches and regions supporting operational negotiations using my workplace knowledge to provide support and assistance.

I will continue to support members in all equality strands via your work in health and safety and casework.

I will also continue to recruit new members, reps and activists to promote PCS in the workplace to strengthen our density and ability to succeed in campaigns.

Philip Fowles.