Pete Jackson

I am a rep in Sparkhill Job Centre, Assistant branch secretary of Birmingham South, Convenor of Birmingham Town Committee and Midlands PCS Chair.

I believe that the strength of the union lies in our organisation in our offices. I am part of a team of reps in our office which have built a tradition of car park meetings, events and a very high participation in ballots. I help other reps in my branch and have been at the centre of the recent ballots in which our branch has always passed the 50% threshold.

Our Town Committee has become a focus for campaigning. In the national ballot we have organised to support branches with leafletting. We organise political events to arm and educate members.

My aim as chair of the Midlands region is to make the regional committee a campaigning organisation which provides leadership and support across the Midlands.

We currently face a government which is in crisis. A weak government is one that can be defeated by substantial resistance. The resurgence of strike action and class struggle has raised the confidence of millions of workers and trade unionists that we can fight and win. At the same time this government is hitting out hard for the interests of big business and the rich. They are attacking jobs, conditions and workers rights with increasing severity. We have to fight for our class as hard as they fight for our class.

The targeted action and the national strike have seen the PCS make an impact on national politics. The 1st February was an amazing strike day that saw impressive picket lines and demonstrations around the country. I believe that we will need to extend our strike action, alongside developing and encouraging new activists and networks.

I am proud of the role that the PCS has played in defending refugees. Our campaigning to resist the channel crossing pushbacks, and the equally disgusting Rwanda policy, has earned us a proud reputation. Trade unions are a crucial part of the anti racist movement. We need to continue and develop our anti racist work.

I am a member of the Socialist Workers Party and PCS Left Unity.

I am proud to stand for election to the NEC as part of the Democracy Alliance. Please vote for Fran Heathcote for President and I encourage everybody to vote for all the Democracy Alliance candidates.