PCS Left Unity candidates for 2022 elections

National Executive Committee Elections

The President & Vice Presidents were elected unopposed

President Fran Heathcote

Vice-Presidents Martin Cavanagh, Hannah David, Kevin McHugh

The Results of the NEC Ordinary members election were as follows (excluding candidates displaced by joint Democracy Alliance slate with the Democrats, as carried by motion 8 at LU Conference):-

Marianne Owens HMRC South Wales

Hector Wesley HMRC Euston Tower (BM)

Austin Harney MOJ Associated Offices

Lorna Merry HMRC London HQ

Ian Pope DWP Glasgow

Angela Grant DWP Wirral (BM)

John Jamieson Registers of Scotland

Clive Bryant HMRC Worthing

Steve Swainston DWP Durham House

Mark Baker DCLG Bristol & South West

Jimmy Gill DWP Cardiff & District (LGBT)

Paul Williams DFT Nottingham

Liz McGachey DWP Glasgow (LGBT)

Mohammed Shafiq DWP Manchester (BM)

Bridget Corcoran DWP Tyneside & Northumbria (LGBT)

Tracey Hylton HMRC Liverpool (BM)

Ian Lawther HMRC East Mids

Sarah Ensor PSG Manchester

Colette Smith HMRC Liverpool

James Cox HO Croydon

Steve Thorley CPS East Midlands

Adrian Hedley ATOS Durham (CS)

Robert Eagleton DWP London HQ (YM)

Chris Dando DSG South West

Jas McGuinness Maximus CHDA (CS)

Block Vote – Conference Elections

Editorial Board – 5 places

Malcolm Clark (Scot Gov), Gemma Criddle (HMRC), Rebecca Hunter (DBS), Kevin McCafferty (DWP), Julian Sharpe (PSG – UK Export Finance)

National Standing Orders Committee – 2 places

Richard Manchip (HMRC), Calum Walker (DWP)

Women’s’ TUC – 3 places

Emily Boucher (DWP), Megan Hamblin (HMRC), Carol Revell (DWP)

Scottish TUC – 4 places

Malcolm Clark (Scot Gov), Ruth Henderson (Scot Gov), Sharon King (MOJ), Steve West (DWP)

Youth TUC – 2 places

Emma Lee Anthoney – DWP Notts received, Maciej Krzymieniechi – DVLA

There were elections for the TUC and the Scottish Womens TUC Delegations, the successful candidates and votes listed below: –

TUC Congress delegates

Claire Keenan (HMRC)

Carol Revell (DWP)

Sarah Evans (DVLA)

Sarah Morton (DWP)

Beth Greenough (HMRC)

Rebecca Hunter (DBS)

Scottish Women’s TUC

Liz McGachey (DWP)

Ruth Henderson (Scot Gov)